Germany: A bitter reality for Cuba’s sugar mills
DATE 7May 2021

US sanctions aren’t tasting too sweet in Cuba, where the measures are hitting the sugar industry. The pain is compounded because the island is reliant on fuel from Venezuela, which is also being hit by US sanctions.

India: Indian export to benefit from strong sugar prices globally
DATE 7May 2021

Prices of sugar in the international market have picked up on talks of declining production in Brazil, the world’s largest sugar supplier. This is likely to benefit sugar exports from India, industry people said. Global sugar prices rose by 20% in April. Brazilian production is going to almost 7-8 million tonne less than last year… Read More »

Brazil: With or without rain by late May, Brazil harvests will be disrupted; sugar cane down 30%
DATE 7May 2021

Professor Paulo Sentelhas, head of Agrometeorology at Esalq/USP, is often more cautious than professional meteorologists when forecasting over 10, 15 days. He says that there is a chance of rain from Paraná state upward only in late May, early June. Until then, rain or no rain, all annual, perennial, and semi-perennial crops are expected to… Read More »

USA: Brazil Center-South hydrous ethanol enters new parabolic price phase
DATE 7May 2021

The Center-South Brazil ethanol market has returned to a supply-driven parabolic price phase after only two months since the last similar extreme price movement.

USA: Sugar supply balance heading to surplus despite fall in Brazil, says Datagro
DATE 7May 2021

The global sugar supply balance is projected to swing from a deficit of 1.51 million tonnes in the 2020/21 season (Oct-Sept) to a surplus of 2.74 million tonnes in 2021/22, sugar and ethanol consultancy Datagro said on Wednesday. Datagro’s chief analyst Plinio Nastari said a production recovery in Thailand, another good crop in India and… Read More »