USA: USGC, USDA promote fuel ethanol In South Korea
DATE 18May 2019

The U.S. Grains Council is encouraging ethanol use in the South Korean transport sector, working with the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service to provide information on the environmental, human health and economic benefits of blending ethanol into fuel supplies.

USA: Industry accolades
DATE 18May 2019

The ethanol industry is full of noteworthy developments, plants and teams. Ethanol Producer Magazine’s Ethanol Producer Awards recognize just a few of those each year. In the areas of culture, collaboration, projects, leadership and philanthropy, EPM’s editorial staff and editorial board do our best to choose the most deserving nominations out of our pool of… Read More »

USA: Ethanol doing the heavy lifting in transport climate action
DATE 18May 2019

Behind them is the intriguing story of one of the world’s major efforts to stave off climate change. E stands for ethanol, B stands for biodiesel and 5, 10 and 7 are the percentages to which they are blended in the petrol and diesel supplies. In the coming months it’s looking like many of those… Read More »

USA: U.S. ethanol’s tough spot is tightening
DATE 18May 2019

If you want to anger almost any American farmer, write something less than flattering about the declining use of biofuels — especially ethanol. If you want to really anger almost any American farmer, write something unflattering about biofuels — especially ethanol — that includes the sentence, “U.S. farmers, particularly corn belt farmers, have gotten a… Read More »

China: Brazil seeks China’s approval to supply genetically modified sugarcane
DATE 18May 2019

Brazil’s agriculture minister announced on Thursday that they are seeking the approval of Chinese officials for their plan to export genetically modified sugarcane to China. Minister Tereza Cristina Dias said during an interview with Reuters in Beijing on Wednesday that she plans to raise the issue during his visit to the General Administration of Customs… Read More »