Australia: Capability development to encourage the next generation of sugarcane scientists
DATE 2Jul 2019

The next generation of sugarcane industry researchers is being offered a leg-up into the world of sugarcane industry science and technology, through two capability development programs being offered through Sugar Research Australia (SRA). Applications are open for Sugar Research Australia’s (SRA’s) Sugar Industry Research Awards and Sugar Industry Postgraduate Scholarships. Both programs encourage innovative research… Read More »

Africa: Uganda has excess cane, but govt says it’s not selling to Kenya
DATE 2Jul 2019

Uganda has blocked a request to export excess sugar cane from outgrowers in Busoga region to Kenya. Farmers say they have an overproduction of some 500,000 tones of sugar that processors are unable to absorb but the Minister for Trade, Industry and Co-operatives Amelia Kyambadde says the surplus is only temporary and should not cause… Read More »

Brazil: How Brazil’s biofuels industry is improving its productivity
DATE 2Jul 2019

Brazil’s coke, oil derivatives and biofuel industries saw a 6.1% annual average improvement in productivity between 2008 and 2018, according to a study by industry federation CNI. Among four sectors analyzed – the others being beverages, leather and footwear, and pharmacy products – oil derivatives and biofuels was the one showing the most improvement. CNI’s… Read More »

Africa: KZN sugar mill embraces diversification with sugarcane ethanol biofuel
DATE 2Jul 2019

The Gledhow sugar mill in Stanger, KwaZulu-Natal is poised to sow the first seeds that are expected to launch the biofuel industry in South Africa as support for the diversification of sugarcane has finally been embraced by the government. The production of biofuel as an economically viable industry in South Africa is no longer viewed… Read More »

India: UP Govt’s Solution for Arrears Worth Rs 19,000 Crore?
DATE 2Jul 2019

While sugarcane payment dues to farmers in Uttar Pradesh touched nearly Rs 19,000 crore, the Yogi Adityanath-led government has come up with a decision that has drawn a lot of flak. Chief Minister Adityanath has suggested to the youth in the state that they start a business of sugarcane juice. If for such a business they… Read More »