Australia – The bittersweet pill in the Australia- India sugar stoush
DATE 3Aug 2019

Over the past few months, sugar has featured prominently in India’s political and economic discussion. Countries such as Australia, Brazil and Guatemala are upset with the Indian government’s subsidies to its sugarcane farmers, alleging in a claim to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) that the subsidies are inconsistent with global trade rules and have led… Read More »

India: Farmers selling sugarcane as fodder
DATE 3Aug 2019

ndia’s second-biggest sugar producing region is facing an unusual situation: Attractive returns in the cattle-feed market are prompting farmers to sell sugar cane as fodder. That may cause sugar output in Maharashtra to drop below an earlier estimate of 6.44 million tons for the year starting in October, said Shekhar Gaikwad, the state’s sugar commissioner.… Read More »

Brazil: Sugar exports from Brazil at its slowest pace in a decade
DATE 3Aug 2019

The volume of sugar expected to leave ports in top exporting-nation Brazil is shrinking at a time when it typically increases as the nations seasonal peak approaches. Ports in the South American country are expected to ship 364,339 metric tonnes of sweetener in the coming weeks, half of the levels scheduled a year ago, according… Read More »

India: Sugar mills with unsold export quota may lose out on buffer subsidy
DATE 3Aug 2019

The government is likely to penalise sugar mills that fail to exhaust the export quota allocated to them in the current season that ends October, a government official said. The government provides subsidies on creation of buffer stock to mills but those mills which have unsold export quota will be provided with lesser subsidies on buffer… Read More »