China: Brazil to significantly reduce sugar levels of industrialized food
DATE 28Nov 2018

Brazil’s Health Ministry on Monday signed a deal to significantly reduce the sugar levels of industrialized food products. According to the ministry, the government is committed to reducing the sugar levels of those products by 144,000 tons by 2022. A total of 68 companies and 1,147 products are included in the agreement. The deal follows… Read More »

Pakistan: Trade relations-Pakistan can benefit by direct export to Brazil
DATE 28Nov 2018

Brazil is keen to boost bilateral trade with Pakistan as both countries have great potential to enhance trade in several sectors. This was stated by Brazil’s Ambassador Claudio Raja Gabaglia Lins while addressing the business community at the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) on Monday. Lins said that Pakistan was producing a number… Read More »

India: 25% of Karnataka’s farmer suicides in four sugar districts
DATE 28Nov 2018

Farmers across Karnataka have been grappling with consecutive drought years and mounting debts, but if suicides are any indication, sugarcane growers seem to be the worst hit.

USA: ACE hopes to help grow Mexico’s ethanol market
DATE 28Nov 2018

Fresh off a trip to Mexico to tout the benefits of ethanol to retailers, the American Coalition for Ethanol’s Senior Vice President Ron Lamberty said interest in ethanol among the country’s retailers is piqued. Lamberty was in Mexico City presenting at a workshop hosted by the U.S. Grains Council and the Mexican Association of Service… Read More »

USA: Reduce ethanol subsidies to clean the environment
DATE 28Nov 2018

President Trump’s new rules for boosting ethanol production represent a big step backwards for the U.S. consumers, both economically and environmentally. That won’t come as a shock to Beacon readers, since William Shughart and Arthur Wardle provided an excellent overview of ethanol’s many problems shortly after President Trump issued those rules in October. What may… Read More »