We offer business consulting services for international companies wanting to enter Indian and other International markets. We also offer consulting services for investors and suppliers to identify business opportunities in sugar, power, and biofuels sectors. India is the largest sugar consumption market in the world and is almost self-sufficient when it comes to production and therefore the sugar area is undoubtedly of interest to foreign investors.

Indian government’s recent move to announce partial decontrol in the sugar sector has given sugar mills greater pricing power and much needed flexibility to sell in the open market. ¬†Potential M&A activity will ensure that the sector stays under the spotlight in the coming months. Partial decontrol will enhance these prospects and one can expect cane prices to align as well over a period of time with the market price of output.

Sugarcane is the best agri-commodity which offers value addition through industrial processing into food, fuel and energy as a diversified output mix. India has a deficit on all these outputs, so a free market scenario or even a clear direction towards the same would draw capital in terms of FDI and portfolio investment into the sector.

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Biogas from sugarcane filter cake


BioCNG and Power Generation from filter cake