Nigeria: Sugarcane-Bundle of incredible sweetness, wealth

The sugarcane produces an irresistible sugary juice enjoyed by both the poor and the rich, male and female for different reasons. It comes in stout, jointed fibrous stalks that are rich in the sugar sucrose, which accumulates in the stalk internodes.

The plant is two to six metres (six to twenty feet) tall. All sugar cane species can interbreed and the major commercial cultivars are complex hybrids. Sugarcane belongs to the grass family Poaceae, an economically important seed plant family that includes maize, wheat, rice, and sorghum, and many forage crops. According to the botanical history of Sugarcane, it belongs to the family of several species of tall perennial true grasses of the genus Saccharum, also said to be of the Andropogoneae tribe. During its boom period, sugarcane is found not only along the streets where hawkers trade it in different forms, but in many of the elites’ eateries, social rendezvous and homes. While you buy from the street hawkers with as low as N50, the extracted juice in some of the eateries in the town goes for up to N1, 000, depending on the size of the container, packaging and the location.