China: China sugar expo attracts 800 companies worldwide
DATE 27May 2019

The 2019 China Sugar Expo has attracted over 800 companies worldwide, which concluded Sunday in Nanning, capital of southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. More than 30,000 participants around the world, including experts and businessmen in sugar industry, have attended the three-day expo, which covers 30,000 square meters and exhibits more than 100 kinds of… Read More »

Europe: EU repeal of US ethanol antidumping levy raises environmental questions
DATE 25May 2019

The EU’s repeal of antidumping duties on imports of US ethanol in mid-May could pave the way for increased shipments to Europe of the biofuel. European ethanol producers have raised concerns over the environmental impact of increased imports, but deeper questions over the sustainability of biofuels remain unanswered. The European ethanol association, ePURE, voiced concerns over the… Read More »

India: The sugar sector is highly politicised
DATE 25May 2019

When I started the research for my paper 15 years ago, over 90 per cent of mills were cooperative. Cooperative mills may be going private for at least two potential reasons: first, the mill is in poor financial health and a private investor buys it out because the investor believes he/she can run the mill… Read More »

India: Modi’s Thumping Victory Expected to Weigh on Global Sugar Market
DATE 25May 2019

The sugar industry in India, which jostles with Brazil as the world’s top producer, is likely to continue to benefit from significant government support after a landslide victory for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This scenario may weigh on raw sugar futures in New York, which are already near the lowest in about seven months. In… Read More »

Austria: Sugar beet area to fall a further 10.1% in 2019
DATE 24May 2019

The area sown to sugar beet in Austria will likely contract by a further 10.1% in 2019 to 28,094 ha, the country’s statistical agency said on April 18. Area under the crop had already fallen by 26.8% to 31,246 ha in 2018 from 42,684 ha in 2017 mainly.