Ireland: Doubling amount of ethanol in petrol ‘could reduce our carbon emissions
DATE 22Jul 2019

Doubling the amount of ethanol in petrol would significantly reduce our carbon emissions. Every litre of petrol sold in Ireland contains 5% of the biofuel, ethanol. A new climate action report has found that doubling the amount of ethanol in petrol will reduce our carbon emissions by 150,000 tonnes. Author of the report, economist Jim… Read More »

India: Sugar mills go for ethanol production
DATE 22Jul 2019

Indian sugar mills are gradually shifting towards ethanol production in the wake of surplus sugar production in the last few years. Ethanol is increasingly becoming popular as a green, non-polluting fuel. According to an India Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) official, in the current season (October 2018- September 2019) so far, about 29.5 crore litres of ethanol… Read More »

U.S.A. : First shipment of ETBE made with U.S.A. ethanol arrives in Japan
DATE 20Jul 2019

The first shipment of ethyl tert-butyl ether (ETBE) made with U.S. corn-based ethanol arrived in Japan recently, marking the country’s new demand for U.S. ethanol-based products and a milestone in U.S. ethanol market development efforts. The sale of ETBE, a gasoline component, was made following a policy change by the Japanese government recognizing the positive… Read More »

India: Maharashtra Govt’s nod to set up plant to produce ethanol
DATE 20Jul 2019

Maharashtra Government has approved setting up a plant to produce ethanol and CNG fuel from weed in Bhandara district. A decision was taken at a meeting chaired by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis at Mumbai. Bhandara-Gondia’s Guardian Minister Parinay Fuke, Shobha Fadnavis, ex-MLC, Shantanu Goel, District Collector, Anbalagan, CEO, MIDC, Milind Patke, Executive Director, Bharat Petroleum,… Read More »

U.S.A. : Ethanol plants seen curbing output on poor margins, oversupply
DATE 20Jul 2019

U.S. ethanol plants are expected to sharply cut production in the weeks ahead as high Midwest corn prices and the U.S.-China trade war have caused weak margins and oversupply, Reuters reports. Margins to produce ethanol in the Corn Belt have dropped to a four-year seasonal low, while ethanol inventories are at the highest seasonally since at least… Read More »