Australia: Urgent action needed to help sugarcane farmers-KAP says
DATE 4Oct 2018

Australian Party MPs are urging the Federal Government to take action against India’s decision to dump tonnes of subsidised sugar on the global market. Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto said the decision taken by India was “disgraceful” and came when sugarcane growers were dealing with a sugar price below the cost of production.

USA: Thai sugar, sugarcane output set to fall-USDA
DATE 4Oct 2018

Thai sugar and sugarcane production are forecast to decline in 2018-19 as consumption wanes and non-alcoholic beverage makers use less sugar after the nation passed a tax on sugary drinks, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said. Sugarcane production is forecast to decline 4 percent to 130 million tonnes in 2018-19, due to reduced average… Read More »

Kenya: Health benefits of sugarcane juice
DATE 4Oct 2018

Sugarcane is grown all over the country. If your mother is a typical Kenyan, she has probably always insisted you chew a lot of sugarcane to make your teeth stronger. She probably didn’t think toothpaste had anything better to offer than good old sugarcane. While this might have been imposing, the truth is she had… Read More »

Singapore: September Brazil ethanol imports drop to lowest level in three years-SECEX
DATE 4Oct 2018

Brazilian ethanol imports in September totaled 5.7 million liters in September, a 88% drop from August and a 95% slide year on year, Secretariat of Foreign Trade data showed Wednesday.

Bangladesh: Workers cultivate sugarcane to save Thakurgaon Sugar Mill
DATE 4Oct 2018

Thakurgaon Sugar Mill is on the brink of bankruptcy due to a lack of the production of sugarcane. To save the mill, and their jobs, workers, with no alternatives, have started to grow sugarcane on 600 acres of land. According to the workers, they have not been paid in four months. This has caused them,… Read More »