USA: Portraits of the Past-Many changes in beet sugar industry
DATE 7Sep 2018

After World War II, Colorado’s population exploded, and the highly productive Front Range farms north of Denver, which produced high-yielding sugar beet harvests, were being sold to developers. To the farmers, land was more profitable divided into lots than in farming. Factories in Fort Collins, Brush and Fort Lupton had already closed. Great Western tried… Read More »

USA: Panela Market is expected to disrupt Sugar Industry
DATE 6Sep 2018

Colombia accounts for 15% of Panela production in the world, making it the second largest manufacturer after India. It is an alternate sugar of choice in Colombia and manufactured by farmers at small-scale. The production of Panela is a vertical integrated system where rural producers participate in producing sugarcane processing and selling the finished product.

India: Castlelake considering Brazil sugar mills for acquisition -source
DATE 6Sep 2018

Castlelake LP, a U.S.-based investment fund, is planning to acquire stakes in distressed Brazilian sugar and ethanol companies, a source with direct knowledge of the plans said on Monday. Castlelake, which defines itself as an investment firm “focused on alternative assets, sub-performing loans, dislocated industries and special situations”, had access to extensive information on five… Read More »

USA: Banks see Brazil sugar sector shrinking on financial woes
DATE 6Sep 2018

Investment banks operating in Brazil’s agricultural sector see a potential contraction in the country’s sugarcane processing industry as many companies fail to make enough money to pay bills and better capitalized groups are not willing to invest. Brazilian investment bank Itaú BBA estimates that 18 sugar and ethanol companies in the country’s top cane belt… Read More »

India: Industry wants sugar price fixed at ?36/kg
DATE 6Sep 2018

The sugar industry has appealed to the Union government to increase the minimum selling price of sugar to ?36/kg as it anticipates the total surplus in sugar production to go up to 19 million tonnes (mt) by next year. “Currently, the wholesale price of sugar hovers around ?32 a kg. We want the government to… Read More »