USA: UNICA – Brazilian corn ethanol production continues to grow
DATE 3Oct 2020

UNICA, the Brazilian sugarcane industry association, has announced ethanol production volumes by mills in the south-central region continued to be low in early September. Production of corn ethanol, however, was up. Mills in the south-central region processed 44.39 million metric tons of sugarcane during the first half of September, up 12.08 percent when compared to… Read More »

Australia: What the world can learn from clean energy transitions in India, China and Brazil
DATE 3Oct 2020

If the world is to transition to a climate-compatible future, much will turn on new innovations in clean energy and whether they can be deployed at a large scale. This is especially critical for emerging economies, which are developing their infrastructure and undergoing economic growth and urbanisation at an unprecedented scale and pace, yet still often lack… Read More »

USA: Brazil seeks bigger sugar sales to US during ethanol quota talks
DATE 3Oct 2020

The Trump administration, prodded by U.S. lawmakers and lobbyists for America’s corn farmers and ethanol producers, is intent on convincing Brazil to drop its tariff on U.S. ethanol. Meanwhile, Brazil’s Bolsonaro administration is under pressure from the country’s sugar sector to protect farmers’ interests.

Turkey: Sale of ethanol for home use banned
DATE 3Oct 2020

The Turkish government has imposed a ban on the sale of ethanol for home use with a respective directive by the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry published in the Official Gazette. People in Turkey use ethanol to make spirits at home. The sale ban will come into force after 60 days starting from the publication of the directive in the Official Gazette.… Read More »

India: Maharashtra millers look at ethanol to reduce sugar production
DATE 3Oct 2020

Maharashtra sugar millers are facing a problem of plenty. With carryover stock of around 60 lakh tonne of sugar from the 2019-20 season and another 100 lakh tonne expected to be produced in 2020-21, millers are now turning towards ethanol to divert excess production.