USA: Slumping US ethanol drags crush margin into single digits
DATE 21Jul 2020

The US ethanol crush margin on July 20 crumbled to 7.07 cents/gal, down by 27.34 cents since S&P Global Platts last published its crush margin tracker on July 13. The crush margin plunged due to sinking prices of Chicago Argo ethanol, which has been in a free-fall since Dec. 8.

Bangladesh: Sugar Mill workers demonstrate demanding arrears in Gaibandha
DATE 21Jul 2020

Workers and employees of state-run Rangpur Sugar Mills, and the sugarcane farmers in the mill zone in Gaibandha, on Monday went on a strike demanding four months of arrear payments.  The workers in association with the farmers, took position at Mahimaganj railway station in Gobindaganj upazila of the district and blocked the rail tracks around… Read More »

Uganda: Delayed implementation of sugar act bothers manufacturers
DATE 21Jul 2020

The Uganda Sugar Manufacturers’ Association is displeased over delays in implementation of the recently enacted sugar act. The act was signed by the President in April, after four years of push and pull between the executive and the legislature. The Sugar Act seeks to provide for the development, regulation and promotion of the sugar industry… Read More »

Fiji: Ministry of Sugar Industry to finalize policy
DATE 21Jul 2020

The Ministry of Sugar Industry will soon be finalizing it’s first-ever Sugar Industry Policy. According to the 2020/2021 Budget Estimates, this will become the guiding document that will drive the industry towards its goal of achieving more than 3.0 million tonnes of cane in the next five years. The policy will address ongoing and emerging… Read More »

UK: The Corn And Energy Price Link Could Tighten As U.S. Election Looms
DATE 21Jul 2020

Ethanol is a biofuel. In the United States, corn is the primary ingredient in the refining process. In Brazil, sugar cane is the input. The US is the world’s leading producer and exporter of corn, while Brazil is the top producer of free-market sugar. The two countries lead the world in ethanol output using excess agricultural commodity production.