Thailand: Sugarcane leaves a bitter aftertaste
DATE 6May 2020

Two of the country’s major environmental problems — PM2.5 ultrafine dust and toxic contamination — stem largely from sugarcane farming, which ironically receives a big chunk of state subsidies. One could ask whether this is a misguided policy.

USA: Researchers develop new composite membrane for direct ethanol fuel cells
DATE 6May 2020

Researchers from IPEN in Brazil, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) in Germany, and INRA in Canada have developed a novel composite membrane for direct ethanol fuel cells. A paper on their work is published in the Journal of Membrane Science. Ethanol has five times higher volumetric energy density (6.7 kWh/L) than hydrogen (1.3 kWh/L) and can be used safely in… Read More »

USA: Brazil’s 2020-21 sugar production seen growing 18.5% – government
DATE 6May 2020

Brazil is expected to produce 35.3 million tonnes of sugar in the 2020-21 season (April-March), 18.5% more than in the previous crop, as mills allocate more cane to make sugar and less to produce biofuel ethanol. According to a new projection released on Tuesday by Conab, Brazil’s agricultural statistics agency, the total cane crop is seen at… Read More »

Cuba: Cuban sugar harvest goes into overtime amid pandemic
DATE 6May 2020

Some 40 Cuban sugar mills remain open out of season despite a partial lockdown of the country, in a last-ditch effort to add foreign exchange to the government’s all-but-empty coffers. The coronavirus pandemic has shuttered tourism, a key foreign exchange earner, and undercut remittances as well as raised shipping prices for the import-dependent country, already… Read More »

Netherlands: Bringing tissue culture production into the 21st century
DATE 6May 2020

Greg Lowe from Lowes TC is on a mission to automate tissue culture production, making it more affordable to produce high health clonal plants in this country. Find out about his business’ new TC+TM liquid media temporary immersion system bioreactor and automated production systems.