Canada: Sucro Sourcing Announces New Sugar Refinery in Hamilton
DATE 10Jun 2019

Sucro Sourcing announced today the completion of its new granular sugar refinery in Hamilton, Canada. The refinery was completed with the support of the Port of Hamilton and will begin refining sugar immediately. The construction of the granular sugar refinery represents a modern solution for the customer challenges of today. Sucro’s smaller size and greater flexibility will provide its… Read More »

Kenya: Driving the Last Nail into the Coffin or Trying to Resurrect the Dead?
DATE 10Jun 2019

The sugar sub-sector in Kenya has gone through the roughest patch, sometimes recovering, but always relapsing to oblivion. Some of the reasons for this situation have been attributed to mismanagement of the factories and consistent macroeconomic challenges, some emanating from government policies. Today, over 200,000 smallholder farmers are supported by sugarcane farming in Kenya. It… Read More »

USA: New core-shell catalyst for ethanol fuel cells
DATE 10Jun 2019

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory and the University of Arkansas have developed a highly efficient catalyst for extracting electrical energy from ethanol, an easy-to-store liquid fuel that can be generated from renewable resources. The catalyst, described in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, steers the electro-oxidation of ethanol down… Read More »

India : Maharashtra Sugar Mills Have Paid 94% FRP to Sugarcane Farmers This Crushing Season
DATE 10Jun 2019

Maharashtra sugar mills by the end of this crushing season have paid 94 per cent Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) to sugarcane farmers. As per industry experts, it is the first time that farmers have received almost all the payment without any delay. Of the total payable FRP of ?23,000 crore, mills have paid about… Read More »

India: Drought to force producers to chop sugarcane for cattle
DATE 7Jun 2019

Officials in the Indian state of Maharashtra are asking sugarcane producers to cut their crop in order to feed cattle. The drought-stricken region is running out of fodder and this could be a valuable alternative. Sugarcane may offer unique advantages over other field crops as a forage for cattle.