USA: Sugar Beet Harvest Moving Along on ND/MT Border
DATE 18Oct 2018

The sugar that sweetens your breakfast cereal or favorite candy might just come from a muddy field in the Mon-Dak region. The Yellowstone River Valley is home to about 110 growers who are part of Sidney Sugars. Jim Olson takes us on a tour to see how the company turns 32,000 acres of beets into… Read More »

China: China says safeguard measures on sugar imports in line with WTO rules
DATE 18Oct 2018

China’s commerce ministry said on Wednesday its safeguard measures on sugar imports are in line with World Trade Organization rules, in response to Brazil’s opening of a consultation process at the trade body over Beijing’s management of imports.

Australia: ‘They’ve done nothing, nada, zip’-Keith Pitt on QLD Government’s refusal to help sugarcane farmers
DATE 18Oct 2018

Keith Pitt and Ken O’Dowd urged the state government to deliver “sugar industry salvation” for embattled canegrowers earlier this month, demanding an immediate 33% reduction to electricity costs for the sector.  As some farmers pay $100,000 plus a quarter in energy bills and with prices skyrocketing some 200% in recent years, it was thought this… Read More »

India: Grub infestation may be the fix to India’s sugar problem its farmers do not want
DATE 18Oct 2018

India may have found a fix to its sugar problem but the answer will not make its cane farmers happy. After a bumper crop, sugar stockpiles in the country, the world’s second-largest producer of the sweetener, have more than doubled since last year. With another record crop expected in the current growing season, India is… Read More »

USA: Sunshine Bridge closure hurts sugarcane farmers
DATE 18Oct 2018

The closure of the Sunshine Bridge near Donaldsonville couldn’t come at a worse time for sugar cane farmers on the east side of the Mississippi River. Harvest season just began and all the cane must be transported to sugar mills on the west side of the river. “My harvesting costs are going to increase approximately… Read More »