India: Sugarcane farmers find eucalyptus a good switch
DATE 17Jul 2019

Many sugarcane farmers have been switching over to eucalyptus cultivation in Surat since 2013 thanks to Gujarat Government social forestry department’s hi-tech nilgiri cultivation programme. Official sources said wood of nilgiri is abundantly used by paper mills in South Gujarat for manufacturing quality paper. Apart from this, the wood is widely used in construction industry and its leaves produce… Read More »

Australia: Central Queensland sugar industry faces harvest season challenges
DATE 17Jul 2019

With less than 10 per cent of the crop harvested, the rain was a little untimely, however it will give the 2020 crop a good start. By contrast, 2018 saw harvesting virtually unhindered by wet weather but with an extended dry period, which had a major impact on growth of the crop now being harvested.… Read More »

India: Soon, rotten potatoes, wheat to make ethanol
DATE 17Jul 2019

India will soon start making ethanol from surplus and degraded food material such as rotten potato, rotten wheat, broken rice and other biomass to achieve the milestone of 10 per cent ethanol blending with petrol by 2022. Responding to supplementaries during the Question Hour in the Lok Sabha on Monday, Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas… Read More »

USA: Burning Sugarcane in Florida is Making People Sick. Could ‘Green Harvesting’ Change the Game?
DATE 16Jul 2019

They call it “black snow” when the ash from the burning sugar cane rains down on the small communities dotting the south shore of Florida’s Lake Okeechobee. From October to April, ash and soot fall from the sky and settle on everything, blackening yards and blowing in open windows. Asthma, chronic bronchitis, and sinus problems… Read More »

Brazil: Brazil considers reinstating ethanol import tariff
DATE 16Jul 2019

The ministry told Argus that its interpretation of a 2017 resolution which established an annual quote of 600mn liters (3.77mn bl) of imports exempt from a 20pc tariff would lapse on 31 August 2019, unless otherwise extended. Once the exemption expires, the 20pc tariff would apply to all ethanol imports from outside the Mercosur trade bloc, which… Read More »