India: Gujarat sugarcane farmers face bleak future
DATE 21May 2019

With just 322.44 million cubic metres (MCM) of live water storage left as against gross storage capacity of 7,414 MCM of Ukai reservoir, farmers, who have sugar cane crops in nearly one lakh hectare area in South Gujarat, face a bleak  future. 

Ireland: Whatever happened to Irish sugar?
DATE 21May 2019

When was the last time you baked a cake using sugar that was as local as your eggs and butter? Within living memory, most sweet treats made in Ireland in the 20th century would have been made using sugar beet, a plant with a root high in sucrose which was grown commercially in Ireland as… Read More »

India: ‘Kingmaker’ Maya faces probe in sugar mill case
DATE 21May 2019

Even as UPA’s special envoy N Chandrababu Naidu met Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav to cement an anti-BJP front, the CBI is zeroing in on the role of top BSP politicians involved in the multi-crore sugar mill scam. Just a fortnight ago, the CBI’s Lucknow branch of Anti-Corruption Unit launched a probe into the controversial sale… Read More »

Uganda: Take risk to succeed in business – Kyambadde
DATE 20May 2019

The Minister of Trade, Industries and Cooperatives, Ms Amelia Kyambadde, has advised women in Acholi Sub-region to take risk if they are to succeed in their business ventures.  Speaking on Thursday during the inauguration of Atiak Sugar Planting Outgrowers’ Cooperative Ltd in Atiak Sub-county, Amuru District, Ms Kyambadde said many women in the region shy away… Read More »

USA: China invests in renewable energy in Cuba
DATE 20May 2019

Cuba began investing in renewable energy in 2014 and is ramping up its efforts in a push to make renewables its principal source of electricity by 2030. According to Xinhua News,China is one of the leading investors in Cuba’s renewable energy program. The goal is for Cuba to derive 24% of its electricity from renewables such as… Read More »