India : Maharashtra Sugar Mills Have Paid 94% FRP to Sugarcane Farmers This Crushing Season
DATE 10Jun 2019

Maharashtra sugar mills by the end of this crushing season have paid 94 per cent Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) to sugarcane farmers. As per industry experts, it is the first time that farmers have received almost all the payment without any delay. Of the total payable FRP of ?23,000 crore, mills have paid about… Read More »

India: Drought to force producers to chop sugarcane for cattle
DATE 7Jun 2019

Officials in the Indian state of Maharashtra are asking sugarcane producers to cut their crop in order to feed cattle. The drought-stricken region is running out of fodder and this could be a valuable alternative. Sugarcane may offer unique advantages over other field crops as a forage for cattle.

Australia: Wild weather and poor prices means tricky start to Queensland’s sugarcane crushing season
DATE 7Jun 2019

Tableland Mill, near Mareeba west of Cairns, was the first to begin crushing on May 29, while mills in the Burdekin and Mackay districts and Mossman opened on Tuesday. This year’s cane crop is estimated at 31.5 million tonnes, as much as three per cent down on 2018, with well under last year’s 4.7 million… Read More »

India: Maharahstra may consider diverting 25% cane output for ethanol
DATE 7Jun 2019

Sugar mills in Maharashtra have been in distress due to low prices of the sweetener, surplus stocks and piling cane arrears. To tackle this, the state government is seriously considering framing a policy on diverting 25% of the state’s cane to ethanol. Maharashtra sugar commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad has furnished a proposal to chief minister Devendra… Read More »

USA: Florida sugar companies hit with lawsuit to halt the controversial practice of burning sugarcane
DATE 7Jun 2019

The burning starts in October, when sugarcane companies begin to set fire to nearly 400,000 acres on the shores of Florida’s Lake Okeechobee, clearing away the leaves to prepare the plants for harvest. When the flames die down, machines roll in to chop down the stalks and shunt them off to nearby mills for processing. For… Read More »