India: Sliding sugar prices in Maharashtra: State government to procure sugar at Rs 3200 per quintal
DATE 5Feb 2018

The state government would soon procure sugar from mills at the rate of Rs 3,200 a quintal to arrest the slide in sugar prices. Minister for Cooperation Subhash Deshmukh, speaking to The Indian Express, said that around 25 per cent of total production in the state can thus be procured in the months to come.… Read More »

Romania: Where sugar comes from: a journey through its history and production
DATE 2Feb 2018

Removing sugar from our diets would prove near impossible. It is in bread, jams, cookies, yogurt, sauces, canned products, and more. However, sugar was not always such an integral part of our diets. In fact, it is only in the last few hundred years that sugar has been considered a necessity. History and industry have… Read More »

India: Food ministry pushes for 100% duty on sugar imports
DATE 2Feb 2018

Apprehending import of cheaper sugar from Pakistan, the food ministry has pushed for 100% import duty on the sweetener. Currently, import duty on sugar is at 50%. Pakistan has hiked the amount of sugar eligible for export subsidies to two million tonnes from five lakh tonnes in view of excess domestic supplies. Sources said the… Read More »

USA: US ethanol consumption picks up as stocks dip, production eases: EIA
DATE 2Feb 2018

US domestic consumption of ethanol has eaten through close to a million barrels of ethanol in the week ending January 26, with production falling slightly, data from the USDA has shown Wednesday. Ethanol production remained comfortably above the million barrel mark at 1.04 million barrels a day, a fall of 22,000 barrels per day from… Read More »

China: Kenya unveils ethanol stoves to help mitigate carbon emissions
DATE 2Feb 2018

Kenya on Wednesday unveiled ethanol stoves for refugees in Kakuma camp in northwest part of the country to help mitigate climate carbon emissions. Principal Secretary for Environment and Forestry Charles Sunkuli said the stoves launched in partnership with electronics firm, Samsung, will help reduce dependency on charcoal in the camp. “The project will help reduce… Read More »