India: Sugar mills with unsold export quota may lose out on buffer subsidy
DATE 3Aug 2019

The government is likely to penalise sugar mills that fail to exhaust the export quota allocated to them in the current season that ends October, a government official said. The government provides subsidies on creation of buffer stock to mills but those mills which have unsold export quota will be provided with lesser subsidies on buffer… Read More »

Africa: Proposals will drive sugar industry extinct
DATE 2Aug 2019

Kenya’s sugar industry has many natural advantages, all of which have been undermined by policy and public mismanagement leading to a slump in productivity. As a result, when Comesa’s import protection ends next year, the industry will be immediately undercut by far cheaper imported sugar. The costs to Kenya will be huge. Up to 250,000… Read More »

India: Ethanol fuels new hope for farmers
DATE 2Aug 2019

Shriram Shete, chairman of the Kadwa cooperative sugar mill in Maharashtra’s Dindori taluka, is overseeing the installation of a new boiler. That’s not the only upgrade he has planned-he’s also one among many in the state looking to take advantage of the Maharashtra government’s push for increased ethanol production. “This is where it will be,”… Read More »

China: China’s ethanol goals could see big increase in demand
DATE 2Aug 2019

It appears as though China’s ethanol industry will fall woefully short of meeting the country’s looming E10 policy. China announced in 2017 that it was moving to a 10 percent ethanol blend in its gasoline supplies by 2020. That would require more than four billion gallons of ethanol annually. China is blending about one billion… Read More »

India: Maharashtra millers seek Centre’s nod to convert sugar to ethanol
DATE 2Aug 2019

The Maharashtra State Cooperative Sugar Factories Federation has sought permission from the Centre to convert existing sugar stocks into ethanol, an additional alternate besides “C” Heavy Molasses, “B” Heavy Molasses and juice into ethanol. In a representation made to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Jayprakash Dandegaonkar, chairman of the federation pointed out that the cane available for… Read More »