USA: Lawmakers urge robust funding for Farm Bill energy title programs
DATE 21Apr 2019

More than 50 federal lawmakers have spoken out to encourage the members of the Senate and House appropriations committees to provide robust fiscal year 2020 funding for Farm Bill energy title programs. On April 17, a group of 16 senators send a letter outlining their request to leaders of the House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittee… Read More »

USA: Trump’s ethanol policy gives Americans something to worry about
DATE 21Apr 2019

Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed new regulations that could dramatically ramp up the use of ethanol, a corn-based bio-fuel that can be blended into gasoline. That news was music to the ears of Iowa corn farmers. But the rest of the country isn’t so pleased. A recent poll finds that more than 80… Read More »

USA: Richardton ethanol plant advances a carbon capture project
DATE 21Apr 2019

A project to capture carbon dioxide from a western North Dakota ethanol plant continues to advance as researchers work to better understand the geology below the facility. Red Trail Energy in Richardton proposes to capture carbon dioxide rather than emit it into the atmosphere and inject it deep underground, reducing the carbon footprint of the ethanol… Read More »

India: Sugarcane growers of Belagavi district are a quiet lot this election season
DATE 21Apr 2019

Problems of sugarcane growers in Belagavi district — which accounts for nearly 30% of the State’s sugar production — have been raised before every election, but not so during the Lok Sabha elections this time. Growers are neither organising meetings or agitations, nor addressing the media. They are shy to speak about it even when… Read More »

Guyana: We should focus on converting sugarcane byproducts into revenue generating goods
DATE 21Apr 2019

The plight of sugar workers in Guyana could have been avoided. For centuries, our nation has been a top producer of sugar. We have enjoyed great profits from the direct sale of the commodity. However, we have not fully come to the realisation that there are many alternatives. Globally, the customer has been influenced by… Read More »