Dublin: Global Sugar Industry Report 2019-2025 with Focus on the Chinese Markets – Global Raw Sugar Will be in Short Supply, with a Gap of 2.0 Million Tons
DATE 23May 2019

From 2011/2012 to 2018/2019, the global sugar supply was balanced by and large, with the output of raw sugar rising from 172.3 million tons in 2011/2012 to 185.9 million tons in 2018/2019, a cumulative addition of 13.6 million tons. By contrast, the demand for raw sugar grew from 160.2 million tons to 177.7 million tons,… Read More »

India: UNICA head sees ethanol ruling over sugar in Brazil ’19-20
DATE 23May 2019

NEW DELHI – Sugar production in centre-south Brazil in 2019-20 (Apr-Mar) is likely to remain close to last year’s unusually low level of 26.5 mln tn, as more cane is likely to be diverted to ethanol for the second consecutive year, according to Evandro Gussi, president of the country’s sugarcane industry association known by its Portuguese… Read More »

Africa: Global Sugarcane Wax Market 2019- Industry Evaluation, Technological Advancements, Opportunity For Expansion 2025
DATE 23May 2019

Global Sugarcane Wax Market report provides a crucial document of Chemicals and Materials industry for the industry players to understand the competitive market scenario. This will help to formulate a strategy to penetrate or expand in a global Sugarcane Wax market. The report analyzes key market features, revenue forecast, gross margin, cost, production capacity, business… Read More »

Brazil: Brazil to drop WTO sugar case against China
DATE 23May 2019

Brazil will no longer seek a panel at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to investigate China’s sugar trade policies, the Brazilian government said, smoothing commercial relations with its top trade partner. “Brazil and China have reached an understanding regarding the consultations made at the WTO on sugar,” the Brazilian ministries of Foreign Affairs and Agriculture… Read More »

USA: Sugarcane aphid damage can be minimized
DATE 22May 2019

With proper chemical application and timing for control of sugarcane aphids, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service specialists have determined forage sorghum in the Texas High Plains is still a viable option. Dairy and feedlot cattle operations across the Southern Great Plains have high demand for large quantities of quality silages annually. Historically, corn silage has been… Read More »