USA: Mitsubishi Chemical, ICM bring ZEBREX to US ethanol industry
DATE 24Feb 2018

Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. and ICM Inc. recently announced a strategic marketing collaboration to provide ZEBREX to the fuel ethanol industry in the United States. ZEBREX will improve production capacity and reduce energy costs through the use of proven state-of-the-art zeolite membrane dehydration technology. MCC and ICM including Matheson Tri-Gas Inc., who has been MCC’s ZEBREX… Read More »

Guyana: Heartened that sugar workers received their severance pay
DATE 23Feb 2018

I was pleased to see that the government has followed through with their promise and paid over 2 billion dollars of severance to sugar workers from plantations no longer operating. It is a heartening thing to see politicians keeping their word.

Nepal: Indian sugarcane hitting Nepali farmers’ income
DATE 23Feb 2018

The poor farmers of the district are then forced to sell their produce at a cheaper rate in order to compete with the Indian sugarcane. Due to apathy shown by the security forces of both countries, more than 50 tractors loaded with sugarcane are entering Nepal daily. Although the price of sugarcane is the same… Read More »

USA: Chemigation control of sugarcane aphids a viable option
DATE 23Feb 2018

Producers might hear a term from the past when they begin looking for solutions to treat the sugarcane aphid in sorghum, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service specialist. “We are revisiting chemigation for insect pest management,” said Dr. Ed Bynum, AgriLife Extension entomologist in Amarillo, while speaking at the High Plains Irrigation Conference… Read More »

Pakistan: Three rival sugar mills unsealed in south Punjab
DATE 23Feb 2018

The Supreme Court on Wednes­day unsealed three rival sugar mills in south Punjab when the five existing and operational mills failed to reach an agreement on finding a via media for lifting the available sugarcane crop from the farmers at the government price of Rs180 per maund. “Primarily the best interest of the farmers is… Read More »