Pakistan: Farmers want sugarcane price in line with SC orders
DATE 13Aug 2018

Representatives of the farmers’ community have demanded of the government to implement a Supreme Court decision regarding fixation of sugarcane price, and ensure supply of irrigation water from the Warsak Dam through the lift irrigation system. The demand was made at a meeting held here on Saturday. The participants expressed concern over the delay in… Read More »

India: Ethanol units plan to start operations in Oct following govt relaxation
DATE 13Aug 2018

Encouraged by the government’s decision to allow production of ethanol directly from sugarcane, independent distilleries are planning to commence their operations in October this year. In the past, distilleries attached to sugar mills would start operations four-six weeks after commencement of cane crushing at sugar factories. To avoid further a sugar glut and ensure timely… Read More »

India: 15 sugar mills in Punjab owe ₹738 crore to cane growers
DATE 13Aug 2018

Nine sugar mills in the cooperative sector and six of seven private mills in the state owe sugar cane growers ₹738 crore, since the last crushing season that ended in April. Consequently, a grim scenario is predicted for the forthcoming season as sugar mills have not signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with sugarcane growers for… Read More »

USA: Sugarcane Genome Finally Gets Sequenced – 80 Percent Of The Sugar Market Rejoices
DATE 13Aug 2018

The last major cultivated plant that didn’t have its genome sequenced has finally gotten its day in the colinearity sun. The sugarcane genome has entered the modern molecular biology era. The reasons it took so long were challenges with conventional sequencing techniques because the sugarcane genome is so complex.

Greece: Clean tankers load Brazilian gasoline for export amid ethanol competition
DATE 10Aug 2018

Several clean products tankers were seen on subjects in Brazil to load gasoline cargoes in August, as increased domestic competition with ethanol led to a surplus of gasoline stocks, sources said. “Our cars here work with gasoline and with ethanol, and the ethanol price is now more attractive than gasoline. People are using more ethanol… Read More »