India: Sugar prices recover on Govt measures, but sustainability uncertain in face of continued oversupply conditions
DATE 30Jul 2018

Backed by Government measures, domestic sugar prices have recovered to around Rs33,500/MT (ex-mill UP) from a low of Rs26,500/MT in May. Recent Government measures such as creation of 3 million MT buffer stock and fixing of minimum selling price (MSP) for sugar at Rs29,000/MT, has helped the sugar industry. However, as per an ICRA note,… Read More »

USA: Merrill ethanol plant establishes milkweed patch for monarchs
DATE 30Jul 2018

A Northwest Iowa ethanol plant has a plot of land that’s gone to the butterflies.  Joe Williams, manager of Lakeview Plymouth Energy, said the Merrill plant devoted a two-acre plot of land adjacent to a creek on their property to milkweed plants a year ago.  The milkweed plot is in the middle of developing into… Read More »

India: The Bitter Truth About Sugar
DATE 30Jul 2018

Many people are aware that too much sugar is bad for them, but that doesn’t stop them from literally consuming heaps — the average Indian consumes about 20 kilos of sugar — of the sweet poison. The problem is that most people don’t know why sugar is “bad”, and that the substance is highly addictive.… Read More »

Belize: Minister of Agriculture says sugar cane farmers must improve quickly sugar prices fall
DATE 30Jul 2018

The sugar industry in Belize is facing grave challenges as the EU market shifts its focus and world market prices continue to fall. The payment to farmers is significantly lower this year than in previous, but it was not unexpected. Improvements have been made in best practices and adopting new technologies. American Sugar Refinery’s Belize… Read More »

Pakistan: Qatar to build sugar refinery to avoid boycott disruptions
DATE 27Jul 2018

Qatar is building a sugar refinery in a bid to avoid supply disruptions after neighbouring Gulf Arab states severed economic and political ties with Doha more than a year ago, sources say. In normal trading conditions, building a refinery in Qatar would make little commercial sense because of depressed sugar prices, surplus world stocks and… Read More »