India: Sugar stocks fall; Simbhaoli Sugars slumps 5%
DATE 30May 2019

Shares of Piccadily Agro Industries (down 5.38 per cent), Simbhaoli Sugars (down 4.93 per cent), Thiru Arooran SugarsNSE -4.59 % (down 4.91 per cent), Empee Sugars & Chemicals (down 4.24 per cent), Sakthi Sugars (down 3.34 per cent), Indian Sucrose (down 2.82 per cent), Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar (down 2.22 per cent) and Rajshree Sugars &… Read More »

US: Are certain types of sugars healthier than others?
DATE 30May 2019

Most people consume many different types of sugars from a variety of foods and beverages in their diet. A high intake of sugar is linked to an increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers. But whether some sugars are healthier (or worse) than others remains a question of interest to… Read More »

South Africa: Cheap sugar imports a bitter nightmare for Mzansi’s cane farmers
DATE 30May 2019

Cheap sugar imports have put the South African sugar industry under huge pressure, leading to major job losses and fears that the industry is collapsing completely. There has been a major impact on small-scale and land reform farmers, many of whom started the current season in debt. The sector has been experiencing dire changes for… Read More »

India: Sugar stocks fall; Dharani Sugars plunges over 9%
DATE 29May 2019

Most sugar stocks were trading lower in Wednesday’s afternoon session. Shares of Dharani Sugars & Chemicals (down 9.67 per cent), Thiru Arooran SugarsNSE -4.80 % (down 4.93 per cent), Piccadily Agro Industries (down 3.13 per cent), Simbhaoli Sugars (down 2.86 per cent), Bajaj Hindustan Sugar (down 2.77 per cent) and Shree Renuka Sugars (down 2.01 per… Read More »

Europe: EC SCoPAFF votes to ban sugar beet herbicide desmedipham
DATE 29May 2019

The EU Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (SCoPAFF) has voted not to renew approval for sugar beet herbicide desmedipham. Hazel Doonan, AIC head of crop protection and agronomy sector said: “It is a shame. We still have phenmedipham but desmedipham was very useful to help mop up extra weeds and its loss will… Read More »