We offer solutions for solving complex problems encountered during sugar mill operations and to optimize sugar mill operations. Each member of our consulting team has more than 30 year of experience of operating and managing integrated sugar mills (sugar, ethanol, distilleries, and cogeneration) operations in India and other international markets.

Experiences from Australian sugar industry reveal that even best operated sugar mills
are incurring the unknown Sugar losses in the range of 0.1 to 0.5% and the unknown losses recorded in the Indian sugar industry 0.04 to 0.05% is only nominal.

There is a wide scope for improvement in sugar recovery through proper cane harvest schedule, post sugarcane harvest management, efficient milling and controlling of bacterial activity in the mills. The operation of vacuum filter and pan boiling considered as an art is an old myth. Now based on science both the units operations can be meticulously planned and losses in filter cake and final molasses can be controlled.

The inversion of sugar is happening at every stage of process but it can be prevented and minimize during clarification, evaporation and pan boiling. Mill stoppages are the main source of sugar loss in the industry. The faulty weighing / measurements of inputs and outputs cause pseudo losses.

The production of sugar alone is no more profitable venture. But, managing of heat (steam) and power and reducing their consumption and selling of more power will increase the revenues.

Distillery is no more golden goose because of higher cost of molasses/grains and cost of consumables steam and power. The improvement in yield of alcohol optimization of steam and power and reduction in effluent generation is the only way to improve the bottom line.

Controlling of store inventory, judiciously replacing spare parts, collecting and selling of all scraps at a reasonable price yields additional revenue. The cost of human resource varies from 3 to 10% of cost of production of sugar. How to optimize the human utility without affecting the efficiency and products quality need to be worked out carefully.

In the olden days the sugar is only product which did not require any marketing. Now, the free market system needs strategic planning and accurate forecasting for sale of sugar, power and alcohol.

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